Presentation of the new shopping center of the object “Passage”


At the beginning of the XIX century citizen who wants to do some shopping and relax, certainly went to the arcade. Top products, the best service and tasty food waiting for every visitor to the passage of time.

Where to buy clothes, shoes and accessories from the latest collections of world famous brands? Where are the beauty salons with skilled craftsmen? Where to find cozy places with a delicious, varied meals? All this – the arcade. Going under the roof of the passage, the visitor is plunged into an atmosphere of comfort, quality service and the most modern features.
It took two hundred years, but this concept is almost nothing has changed. Passage only now even more comfortable and convenient.

The idea to offer the visitor everything you need, from shopping and ending with a pleasant holiday, was the basis of the ultra-modern shopping center “Passage” in Dnepropetrovsk. The central location of the complex in the city is no accident: Passage Mall – the epicenter of fashion, style and comfort, the initiator and organizer of cultural and entertainment events in the city, the best place of business and romantic encounters.

At the entrance to the “Passage” you will meet the real magic – Duplex French carousel, made by special order old French company “Soncept International, 1900”, with hand-painted figures of fantastic animals – great fun not only for small but also quite adult visitors.

TC “Passage” – an ideal place for a comfortable shopping. Here are the only official monobrands or the world’s largest retail chains and boutiques are structured by product groups, which ensures uniformity of customer flows in all the floors, connected system of “lacing” escalators, at any time of the day and create conditions for the maximum purchases.

On the ground floor of the complex are located stores of cosmetics and perfumes – BROCARD and MAC. Fashion boutiques offer visitors “Passage” to evaluate the latest collections GAP, MARKS & SPENCER, MARCOPOLO, LACOSTE, TALLY WEIJL. Selected wardrobe can be immediately supplemented by jewelery and costume jewelery from Accessorize, PANDORA and ZARINA and stylish novelties of watch brands, salon Lyuksoptika optics.

The second floor is entirely devoted to stylish and comfortable outfit of modern man. Clothing by GAP, MARKS & SPENCER, TIMBERLAND, FrankWalder, Lerros, RoyRobson, PierreCardin, NAF-NAF ideal inhabitant of the business metropolis. Complete the image of stylish urban shoes will help ECCO, GEOX and WALKER.

In the market town of “Passage”, is, of course, and their neighborhoods. On the third floor for the first time in Ukraine was able to realize the idea of “shoe quarter”, placing the largest such network brands as STEP IMAGE, INTERTOP, A.BIAGGI LINE, WELFARE, AVNET, CHESTER, CENTRO, LUCIANO CARVARI, MIRATON, OBUVE, TANGO on one floor. Stylish addition to leather clothes leather goods for the feet will by MR. SAKVOYAGE, VAGSetc, WITTCHEN, AVNET. And now there is no need to shoot down his legs in campaigns for numerous urban shoe boutique – all that they represented (! And even more) there is a “shoe quarter.”

On the fourth floor you get to a special refinement and comfort. Each member of the family to do here for yourself successful and interesting shopping. A wide selection of gentle, elegant lingerie MILAVITSA, BІLIZNA.STREET, SHARM LINGERIE satisfy the most diverse requests of beautiful shoppers. And this is only the beginning! It’s time to continue shopping in the specialized department of headwear SHAPOLE.

Imposing man find a suitable occasion and suits the needs of ARBER stores, VD ONE, and the kids will realize their most vivid imagination in a huge fairy BUDINK ІGRASHOK.
What could be better than coming back after a long shopping in a cozy, beautiful house ?! Here, on the fourth floor, you will find everything to decorate the house in store SETA DECOR and giving the house a special atmosphere of purity and heat with the help of favorite home textiles and ENGLISH HOME DREAMS & SECRETS.

Even the most comfortable shopping is a pleasant feeling of fatigue and a desire to relax. In “Passage” and provided it – the fifth floor of the shopping center is a recreation area. Japanese, Italian, German and Spanish beer restaurants surprise with delicious dishes prepared in the best traditions of national cuisines of these countries, and are perfect for business or for a romantic rendezvous. The special atmosphere in these institutions create outdoor terraces, which offer panoramic view of the city center – the idea for the first time in Dnepropetrovsk was able to realize it in the “Passage”.